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Get Out There

So you’re in the market for a gift for the nature lover in your life? If it’s a passion that you don’t especially share, it’s easy to feel a tad lost when trying to find the right gift. Sometimes it’s easier to pick up the best gift for Valentine’s Day for example from website like, but if you really want to make impression you have to get a gift that fits best to her or his passion.

Read Upgear

For avid hikers, campers and survivalists, a useful guide that can easily accompany them on their journeys is a great to help keep them safe. There isn’t an area that doesn’t have some sort of literature published about it. There are guides that have maps to trails and little hidden nature gems that can also help assess proper equipment that will be needed as well as the level of difficulty so they know what to expect. If they’re the type that likes to take brief adventures and live off the land, a book that covers local flora and fauna can be especially useful.

From The Sole

There are very few outdoor activities that don’t rely on your feet in one way or another. Taking proper care of your feet is very vital for making sure outdoor hobbies aren’t miserable, and often play a role in personal safety. Hiking boots, water shoes, running shoes and so on, can all make for the perfect gift for the outdoor lover.

With Style

If you’re outside, you are more than likely are going to be dealing with sun. I great pair of sunglasses that provide UV protection can be a thoughtful gift for those who consider themselves fashionable. Although, if they typically wear glasses to correct their vision, you may want to skip this gift, unless you happen to know their prescription.


Truly Something To Remember

Booking an outdoor trip is bound to tickle any outdoor lover, and there are packages that cater to any and all sorts. You can find anything from guided camping trips in Yosemite, hikes and sightseeing in Yellowstone, to even rafting in the Grand Canyon. The possibilities are almost limitless!

Last Resort

Gift cards don’t have a lot of heart but if you get desperate, a card to a store such as R.E.I., Basecamp, etc. in your area will be well stocked with equipment for all-things-outdoors.