World’s Nature Association and Projects ?>

World’s Nature Association and Projects

There are a number of international associations that work to restore nature or preserve it for future generations. This is in order to sustain all forms of life be it human or wildlife. Nonetheless, interferences in nature have had severe consequences, and are the cause of several manmade disasters such as draught and flooding.home

The following are some of the international associations which are working to conserve the environment:

1. The World Wide Fund for Nature

The WWF is a worldwide non-governmental association that has existed since 1961. It focuses on preserving wildlife and in reduction in the destruction of the environment. It is a large organisation with over five million supporters and is present in over 100 countries world-over. In addition, it has about 1,300 environment and conservation projects. It is generally working to halt the degradation of the planet and protect endangered species.

2. World Nature Organization

WNO aims to curb greenhouse emissions and preserve nature. It was founded in 2010, and focuses on the environment and climate. It is an international association of governmental organisations. It promotes use of renewable energy, technologies and economies that are eco-friendly. It also purposes to reduce the impact of activities on the environment. In addition, it comprises of member countries which are affected by rising sea levels and drought along the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean, and developing African countries.

3. United Nations Environment Programme

Since 1972, the UNEP has been an agency that coordinates environmental activities that aim to preserve nature. It helps members to establish strong policies and practises on the environment. It further tackles a number of challenges affecting the marine, atmosphere and terrestrial ecosystems. Still, it promotes a greener economy, and influences the development and implementation of sound environmental practices, as well as funding such projects.

4. Global Environment Facility

The GEF was founded in 1991 and serves about 183 countries in matters relating to the environment. It also aims to address environmental problems and supports sustainable development activities. It equally funds projects that improve nature and that rotate around climate change, biodiversity, international waters, the ozone layer, land degradation and pollution.

5. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

The IPCC has existed since 1988 and has links to the United Nations. It supports the UN climate change initiatives and works to alleviate greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere. It looks into matters of human-induced climate interference, the impact and mitigation plans. The IPCC is also an international authority on climate change.

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